Justice League Movie Trailer Idea ;)

Few days ago I found on youtube a very interesting trailer called Justice League 2011 Trailer [HD]. We know that Justice League Movie move to 2013 and is very hard to have now a trailer for Justice League Mortal, but i liked very much that trailer and I like to share with you this video down here.

What is all about ... this trailer is for a game :D called DC Universe. But in this trailer we can see all superheroes like Superman, Batman, Fantastic Woman, Aquaman, Green Lantern, The Flash and others like Justice League of America movie will be.

Now after this ""Justice League Movie Trailer"" I want to say that I think this trailer can be a very good idea to crate the first Justice League movie trailer.

The Justice League of America after The Avengers flash
Attending the event WonderCon in San Francisco, Geoff Johns, head of the creative department at Marvel launched a semi-cryptic news about a possible movie with The Justice League of America:

"I still can not talk about it, but promise more information in San Diego." It mean in the event San Diego Comic-Con International, which will take place in July this year.

Although not far from one story to be ready-made, it is clear that people at Warner Brothers, who founded DC Entertainment in collaboration with DC Comics, prepare, or at least discuss the scope of the project entitled Avengers.

As it looks on Flash, one of the key characters famous Justice League, Johns said he is preparing a movie about Flash, but not yet able to provide more information about this Flash movie.

That's all for now about The Justice League of America.